Making most of the weather

Sunny Weather

This afternoon Tawny Owls and Snowy Owls Scarning have took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and have gone on a lovely trip to the local lake
All of the children loved this experience from the little walk to get there to sitting down at the lake to play games, socialise with their peers and being able to listen to a lovely story read by one of their familiar adults that they chose on the library bus this morning!
Whilst at the lake all of the children showed great communication skills by pointing out features of their environment and holding conversations amongst each other and with their familiar adults about what they could see, such as “I can see some geese” “There are four baby geese” “Wow look a bird!” ”There’s a big boat”
All of the children really enjoyed their trip out and showed great excitement throughout, looking forward to sharing their experience with their families on pick up this afternoon!
Happy Friday!

This week Snowy Owls Scarning are focusing on the topic of The great British Summer!
Today we have created a child led activity focused on this topic and based around their current interest of ice cream and imaginative role play!
Recently at nursery with the hot weather spells the children have been enjoying some lovely ice cream and lollies to keep cool during meal times and have really loved the special treat so today we have incorporated this into their play!
The activity consisted of a variety of coloured playdough and several open ended resources such as rollers, scoops, cones and coloured matching bowls. Throughout the day Snowy Owls have really enjoyed engaging in imaginative role play with their peers, pretending to sell ice cream to their familiar adults and representing experiences from home and on their recent summer trips out!
The children also started to explore colour change by mixing the colours together to create a different colour for their ice cream
All of the children also held lovely conversations between each other and with their familiar adults remembering and confidently sharing recent experiences with their families !
“I have ice cream at home ” “I love chocolate ice cream” “This colour is like strawberry”
Within the nursery Tawny Owls have also created a lovely ice cream tray and shared the same experiences as Snowy Owls exploring several resources, colours and playing beautifully alongside their peers sharing and turn taking with resources!

Environment week

Today the children have enjoyed exploring a “environmental sea rescue messy tray” where they showed fantastic concentration and fine motor skills, using the tweezers to save the sea animals from the chocolate oil spillage, then dunking them into the bubbly water to wash off all the dirt and oil before rehoming them to their natural environment of the clean blue sea The children really enjoyed this activity showing great engagement and curiosity.

Yummy Treats

The Barn Owls in Scarning have loved getting creative this week when baking some yummy treats to take home!! The children have enjoyed mixing ingredients together to make cupcakes, shortbread biscuits and chocolate crispy cakes too!
The children loved decorating their yummy bakes too, with a particular favourite being the edible glitter!!
What great mini bakers we have here at Little Owls.

This morning in Barn Owls we have been completing our forest school activity. This week we have been looking at symmetry and painted our very own butterflies. The paint Owls spoke about the colour they used and the life cycle of a butterfly
Great work Barn Owls.

Today in Barn Owls we have followed on from some of our children’s school visit yesterday and had a builders tray where we could design our own school uniform and read the book ‘The Colour Monster Goes to School’ The children enjoyed choosing their favourite colours to design their T-shirts and also enjoyed practising their names too. After reading the colour monster goes to school we talked about our feelings about school and enjoyed talking about all of the lovely things they will do their!

Today in Tawny Owls Scarning our babies have been having a whale of a time enjoying the lovely, sunny weather in the garden, in which we have spent the majority of the morning! They even had heaps of fun during our alfresco lunch experience! The children thoroughly enjoyed sitting with their friends in the outdoor environment, eating their delicious roast chicken, potatoes , green beans, & peas, followed by yummy ice cream for dessert! We discussed how when it’s sunny we must wear our sun hats because the sun is hot, and how we could hear the birds tweeting with our ears! We also talked about how the sun is in the shape of a circle, and how the wind was making the leaves on the trees  move! Everyone had so much fun!