Yoga, Red Nose Day, first aid training and more…

This week in Barn owls as part of our forest school activity we have been making nature shakers! Barn owls collected different resources from around their gardens such as stones, leaves and sticks! They then added their items to their individual tubs to make the shakers! Barn owls then used their shakers to make different rhythms and made different sounds – making their sounds loud and quiet! We then sang some of our favourite songs and shaked our cups to the rhythm. Well done barn owls.


This week in Snowy Owls Scarning we have been focusing on the theme of yoga and well being.
This afternoon Snowy Owls have warmed up by doing some stretching up to the sky and down to their toes ready to show us their best yoga moves!
Snowy Owls did a variety of moves such as the downward dog, the tall tree and the warrior pose! We even created our own yoga moves, encouraging our friends to join in.
Once we finished our yoga stretches we sat down on our mats ready to pop some bubbles! Snowy owls loved catching the bubbles and even attempted to blow the bubbles themselves ready for our friends to catch!

Finally whilst listening to spa music we sat down and did a focused activity of colouring with special pens. The children focused on this activity for a long period of time showing great satisfaction with their pictures and participating in great turn taking and sharing between each other.

Red Nose Day 2021
Today in Snowy Owls Toftwood we’ve been celebrating Red Nose Day! The children have loved wearing red and bright colours, painting red noses, dancing with balloons  and making pictures using red coloured resources! We’ve also raised lots of money ready to donate!
Today at Little Owls Scarning we have been celebrating Red Nose Day carnival style!
Throughout the nursery we participated in a range of activities throughout each room such as showing off our best dance moves  face painting and exploring red themed tuff trays.
We also celebrated by dressing up in either carnival themed wear or in the colour red both children and staff!
We have all had a fun filled day full of lots of exciting activities, just in time for the weekend
We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we will see you next week.
This week in Snowy Owls Scarning we are focusing on the topic of “The start of spring!”.
This afternoon we have been enjoying the spring weather and spent some time out in the mud kitchen!
Snowy Owls really enjoyed spending time outside and using the natural resources of twigs, leaves and stones to make their creations such as chocolate cakes, cups of tea and even some mashed potato.
Whilst outside we were also very lucky to find some spring mini beasts, a ladybird  and a baby snail. This was a fantastic opportunity for Snowy Owls to discuss what they had found and show care and concern towards living things.
This open ended activity also gave Snowy Owls the chance to enhance their imaginative skills alongside each other and opportunities to share and turn take with different resources.
As the weather is starting to become warmer we will be making great use of the mud kitchen over the coming weeks
Today in Barn Owls as part of our Forest school style activities, we have been exploring what sounds we can hear whilst outside. This is a good way to promote the use of our listening skills by focusing on the sounds we hear.
During our time we could hear a aeroplane , bird and wind. we have all individually drawn what we could hear from an aeroplane ‘my aeroplane has arms ‘ to wind ‘ wind is blue like the sky ‘ forming conversations with our peers .
With our topic being spring we then went on to talking about what we might hear during these next few weeks , Barn Owls suggested we could hear ‘ the Easter bunny ‘ and ‘baby chicks ‘ .
Today in barn owls we have been discussing the first aid training our staff team have been attending. We saw this as the perfect opportunity for some in the moment planning and have enjoyed role playing our very own first aid course and sharing our first aid experience with the children. We demonstrated all the different tools in the drs kit then we practised bandaging our friends arms!
Today in barn owls we have enjoyed tuning into the natural environment around us and listening to the sounds they can hear  we used our checklists and listening ears to see what kind of sounds we could hear, barn owls said
“I can hear children playing “
“I can hear cars”
”I can hear the wind “  and
“I can hear birds”!
Barn owls then checked off all of the things they could hear! We discussed the different sounds we could hear and linked to our Phonics we have been practising for example some barn owls recognised that ‘car’ begins with ‘C/K’ and sang our Phonics song for this letter! Well done barn owls