Staff training achievement

Bethany Skipper has this week completed Setting SENCO training. Bethany has a strong passion for supporting children with SEN and throughout her time at Little Owls has been a huge support to children and families with SEN. This three day course provided by NCC enables Bethany to support Laura the setting SENCO with related responsibilities and duties.

Well done Bethany

Staff Achiebments At Little Owls Babycare In Norfolk

Ella Jacobs our Deputy Manager at Scarning and Sharon Smoldon our Deputy Manager at Toftwood have both completed the Communication Champion training.
This comprehensive training now enables both Ella and Sharon to take a lead within our settings and develop practice, and support our staff to create a universal approach to developing children’s speech and language.
Addressing speech, language and communication needs in the early years can have a powerfully positive impact on the health and wellbeing, educational progress and future employability of children young people.
If you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech and language, please come and see Ella or Sharon who will be happy to support and advise you.

Celebrating Our Staff Achievements At Little Owls Childcare In Norfolk