Wet weather, Rainbows & Hoots Holiday Club

Wet Weather

Today in barn owls scarning we have enjoyed getting wrapped up in our warm coats and wellies to explore the garden in the rain!
Barn owls especially enjoyed filling the builders tray up with water, ball pit balls and bubbles to jump up and down in their wet suits
They were able to show fantastic jumping skills, engaging in games alongside each other about who could jump the highest and who could make the biggest splash!
Well done barn owls scarning

Making a rainbow

This week we are celebrating science week by recreating lots of different science experiments each day! Today we are focusing on rainbows!

We started out group time this morning by talking about the recent weather and who saw a rainbow at the weekend! Lots of our barn owls were lucky enough to see some beautiful rainbows! We then asked our barn owls ‘what happens to make a rainbow?’
‘when it’s rains and is sunny’ said D
We then came together in a circle to create our very own rainbow using skittles and water! We placed the skittles in a circle around a plate before adding water and watching the rainbow seep out! ‘look the red one is going’ shouted N ‘I can see the green’ said F excitedly!
Well done Barn Owls! Great experimenting!


Have you seen our Easter reservation form has now now been distributed
It’s only 3.5 weeks until the Easter break is here. Make sure you get your booking forms in asap. Hoots will be open 28th march- 12th April and will be closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday.

If you have not yet booked in or have not received our form, please email Laura on hootsmanager@littleowls-nursery.co.uk or call our office on 01362 699700
Are you a new family looking for holiday care??
Hoots operates from the Toftwood Junior School- we are open from 8am until 6pm. Hoots is run by our passionate Manager and Deputy alongside our dedicated and experienced team of play workers.
Please contact us and we will happily talk you through our registration process and invite you for a visit to our wonderful club

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