Yoga, Ballet, more sports days. What an active lot the Little Owls are.


The Snowy’s Owls in Scarning have enjoyed practising some yoga this afternoon! The children enjoyed showing their favourite yoga moves, and balancing in different positions!

The mud kitchen

This afternoon our Snowy Owls Scarning children have been enjoying the lovely sunshine in the mud kitchen.

The children used a range of loose parts and natural open-ended resources to explore and develop their imaginative skills!

nursery handprints

Natural morals

Today in Tawny Owls Scarning they have been creating some super natural morals with some natural items such as lavender, twigs and feathers.

The children were immersed with the different textures and made some awesome creations.

Why don’t you go on a summer stroll with your families to collect some natural items to make some fab natural morals and upload them to your child’a tapestry or add some photos on the comment section below.

nursery handprints

Second sports day of the summer

At Little Owls Toftwood, we have had our second sports day of the Summer!

The children have been having great fun throwing the balls in the hoop, joining in with bike races and playing hopscotch!

At Little Owls Scarning we had our second sports day of the summer holidays too!

Tawny Owls participated in some relaxing and mindfulness yoga, Snowy Owls enjoyed some running races, bean bag races and throwing games and our Barn Owls showed us how good they were at balancing bean bags on their heads and running or walking along the race track and finished their sports day with some throwing and catching games!

Well done everyone!

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This week in Snowy Owls Scarning we have been learning all about different animals.

Throughout the week we have had different themed tuff trays filled with natural resources to explore with our favourite animals!

We have explored under the sea, farmyard, safari, dinosaurs and creepy crawlies.

We have also had different animals displayed on our hessian cable reel and wooden crates which has allowed us to carry on our imaginative play with our favourite animals alongside our friends

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The children in Scarning Little Owls have had great fun exploring some more ballet moves with Melissa today!

The children practised first and second moves, as well as learning how to hop and skip too!!

The children had excellent fun, and cannot wait to practise some more ballet next week!!

nursery handprints
nursery handprints